Kalyanpuri Slum, Delhi, India

Forget Me Not Australia has been working with in-country partner Lakshya Aakriti Foundation (LAF) since 2011 to transform the lives of vulnerable children in Northern India.

In May 2012, yoga studios around the world participated in the Yogis Unite for Kids appeal and projectHELP was born – a community outreach program for children and their families living in appalling conditions in Kalyanpuri Slum on the outskirts of New Delhi, India.

The children of Kalyanpuri Slum have had little hope for the future – until now. projectHELP is enriching the lives of over 500 children through the provision of basic needs including medical care, shelter, clean water and nutritional food, as well as informal education to children, young people and their parents.

This innovative social security initiative is divided into four stages (Health, Education, Livelihood and Possibilities) with the empowerment of women an important part of the strategy to find a long term, sustainable solutions to the serious issues faced by this community.

Stage 1 serves to meet the urgent medical and nutritional needs of the children, provide safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, shelter and basic training in health and hygiene.

SUCCESS: To date we have provided for medical care of hundreds of children and their families, the construction of a night shelter for women and children, and a public toilet on approved government land.

Stage 2 focuses on establishing the Brighter Futures Study Centre providing a safe, clean environment for the development of infants and toddlers, and and informal education of children in preparation for enrolment into the formal school system. Vocational training for young people and parents in the community is also held at the Centre after hours.

SUCCESS: The Brighter Futures Study Centre is open! A full time teacher is delivering 3 sessions of classes each day. In 2014, philanthropist Matt Brice cycled more than 4300kms through India to raise awareness and also seed funding for the Centre. Learn about Matt’s Cycle for Brighter Futures journey or get #onyabike and join Matt for his next unforgettable Group Cycle through Kerala in Southern India.

Stage 3 is designed to bring confidence and future independence to the families by assisting young people and parents in the community to secure full time employment or start a sustainable small business through microfinance loans and mentoring. Further education is also explored.

Relocation to safe, secure housing in the final stage of projectHELP will create opportunity for children and their families to live a quality of life they only ever dreamed of.


raising children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity