By participating in Australia’s first NoTechAthon you are choosing to put down your devices and get connected to your family, your community and loads of tech-free opportunities for 24hrs.

All while raising money to reunite ‘paper orphans’ with their families, communities and every opportunity for a brighter future. It might be a challenging 24hrs without technology but we know you can hack it!
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Did you know most orphanages in developing countries are filled with children who aren’t really orphans at all? Often they are taken from their homes under false pretences, like the promise of an excellent education. The children are then sold to an orphanage, which may or may not be registered, and tourists are invited to volunteer and raise funds for the orphanage. No matter how much money is given to the orphanage the children generally remain in an unkept state so as to attract more funds. It’s completely ludicrous, and at the same time totally makes sense, that orphanages in fact create more orphans! It’s big business for opportunistic people with no morals.

With your help Forget Me Not’s expert team can rescue more children and discover their true identities and get them home as soon as possible. Orphanage life can have serious  ramifications long into adulthood without ready access to therapy, counselling and healthcare in a safe environment run by professionals powered with loving care. This is the task at hand and we are so pleased you want to help.

All money raised from this challenge will fund our work in India, Nepal and Uganda.

How to Register

Everyday Hero is a great platform for your family to raise money for Forget Me Not. Visit Everyday Hero and click on the green button that says ‘Start Fundraising’. This will take you where you need to be to create your personalised fundraising page!

Forget Me Not Australia should already be identified as the charity you wish to support. First you will need to decide on your family’s fundraising goal. You can choose an option listed or type in your own. Then add a photo and share your personal story to help others connect with your cause. Share your fundraising page via email and social media to inspire donations from family, friends and colleagues. By using Everyday Hero you can track your effort, progress and impact.

We would love you to join Team Tech-No! and help us raise $5000 together.

Team Tech-No! Families

Why tech free?

1. Tech Free Is Easy – Can you think of an easier way to raise money to rescue ‘paper orphans’ in Nepal, India & Uganda and get them home to their families as soon as possible?

2. Connect to Your Family, Community & Opportunity – Technology ‘addiction’ can make you less social and you can miss out on valuable time with your family and friends. We want children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity no matter where in the world they are living.

3. Together we can End Child Trafficking.


Are you addicted to your phone?

8 ways to disconnect from technology and get more done!


When does the NoTechAthon start and finish?
Dates to be confirmed.

When can I start fundraising/getting sponsors for my challenge?
TODAY!! As soon as you’ve set up your family’s Everyday Hero fundraising page you can start asking people to sponsor your family. Keep checking this website or like our Facebook page for regular updates.

How do I get sponsors?
Email/post your family’s Everyday Hero link to your family, friends and people you know to sponsor your family to do the NoTechAthon. Do they think you can hack it?? We will also share stories of our Team Tech-No! families on our Facebook page – so feel free to send through content via email.

What activities can I do while participating in the NoTechAthon?
While disconnected from technology you can participate in any other activity especially those that help you connect with your friends/family.

Here are some ideas: Play soccer or other ball sport, play a game of cards or board games, read a book, play charades, go to a movie, go camping, go to the beach, bush walking, bike riding, paddling, a picnic somewhere new, a dance off! Anything really, it just can’t involve technology. And NO TV allowed either!

Where does the money go?
All money raised from this challenge will fund our work in India, Nepal and Uganda.

What are the different ways people can donate to/sponsor me?
The only way for people to sponsor your family is via your family’s Everyday Hero page. Make sure you spread the word far and wide. Copy and paste the link into emails and throughout your social networks. Use technology as much as you can in the weeks leading up to your tech-free day with your family on 9 October. You’ll be surprised by the number of friends and family that want to support your efforts. If you collect any cash donations you can make the Everyday Hero transaction yourself.

What are the payment methods?
The payment methods accepted include: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), Visa Checkout, Paypal, Cash, Cheque or BPAY. All are safe and no records of payments are kept on file with FMN. Every dollar is donated via Everyday Hero and tax deductible receipts are issued automatically.

Is sponsorship tax deductible?
For payments of $2 AUD yes it is.

Can anyone, anywhere sponsor my family?


We will upload resources here when they become available.