Matt Brice started cycling back in 2011, since then he has cycled over 8000km on Indian roads, cooked curries for 100’s, sizzled many a gourmet sausage and in 2015 led our inaugural group cycle through Kerala to raise much needed funds for the Brighter Future Study Centres in New Delhi, India. This November Matt and his peddle-powered heroes have a fundraising target to raise $20k to keep providing education and hope of brighter futures to over 500 children from one of India’s poorest slums.

Meet this amazing team & help them reach their fundraising goals!

Meet the team of awesome adventurers that are taking on the Cycle for Brighter Futures challenge in November 2016. Together they’ll be cycling more than 240km from Fort Kochi to Trivandrum through picturesque Kerala in Southern India. Each will be fundraising to support projectHELP and Brighter Futures Study Centres raising children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.


Fairlie“Why am I cycling 240kms for Forget Me Not?

I have chosen to participate in #onyabike2016 for a range of reasons but at the top of that list is our family’s deep appreciation for the work that FMN (and their loyal, energetic and committed band of warriors) do for displaced and trafficked children!

To my mind there are few things more impactful and powerful on the human condition and journey than a loving family. Shelter, food and education are of course pivotal to human flourishing but the blessing of the unconditional love of family nourishes the human spirit in a way that little else can.

This work is important and powerful and that is the primary reason I have decided to get #onmabike to support Forget Me Not but of course it doesn’t hurt that I am going to see a corner of the world that I haven’t seen before alongside a peloton ( I use that word loosely) that I am sure will entertain, whilst also having the opportunity to see the FMN work first hand.

Let’s hope I spend more of my time #onmabike not #onmaarse!”

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Karen & Bryan

Karen & Brian“We have always liked an adventure and opportunities to travel to new places. The cycle tour looks like it will give us the chance to experience a lot of different things while also helping to make a difference to children’s lives.”

Karen & Bryan
Entrepreneurs ~ Adventure Seekers

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Teah Mackay “Hi everyone! I’m Teah, I’m an 18 year old, Melbourne born, Hervey Bay raised, Ipswich boarded and Brisbane biomedicine university student. When I was traveling with Forget Me Not at 17 throughout Nepal, I became aware of the millions of children globally who are born into unjust sexist, abuses and poverty stricken environments, I knew Forget Me Not was the change these countries needed. With the help of you and forget me not, we can cycle, and make these children have brighter futures.”

Teah Mackay
Student ~ Change Agent
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onyabike Ann Meredith“Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be asked to participate in this years 240km Cycle for Bright Futures Tour 2016. We are cycling from Fort Kochi to Trivandrum in India. I believe if everyone took an opportunity each year from their busy lives to contribute to a charity, whether it be your time or a donation, the difference would be phenomenal, in helping the charities accomplish their goals. People don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of what they have…”

Ann Meredith

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Mandy & Orlando

Mandy & Orlando“Hello everyone! Me and Orlando (my gorgeous 10 year old son) have had rather a challenging year this year, so when I had a chance meeting with Matt (who is running the cycle tour) something inside me sang and I knew we had to be part of it. I have a strong desire to be of service to others and I love the idea of combining an amazing experience in India,  a country I’ve always wanted to visit, and helping children at the same time.

What a great opportunity to manifest not only funds for FMN but also to get Orlando and I to India. It’s making me think very creatively and so far it is working but I need your help. I’m so looking forward to getting to know the team. Love and gratitude…”

Mandy & Orlando 
Mother & Son Team

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Zarah“I cannot wait to participate in the cycle tour as I have always felt a close connection to young children and want to help those less fortunate than us. As I grew up in a family of five children and am currently studying a teaching degree I feel as though it is important to think about the future of young children.”

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rest stop“Last year’s Cycle ride was possibly the greatest and happiest adventure in my life. OK, I’m 52, not as fit as I was, but with a little training it was easy. If I could do it, I bet you can, so here’s… 10 reasons to go this November (in no particular order)

  1. What a way to see a country (and I mean really see it) Cycling the coastline (does it get any better?) and well away from the smog and overcrowding. I didn’t have to say ‘What was that?’…rather I said ‘Hey, look at that up ahead.’
  2. The average temperature was about 25 c. So forget the worries of it being ‘too hot to go.’
  3. The Indian Locals have to be some of the friendliest people on Earth. Your heart WILL open to the wonderful Spirit of India and its people.
  4. It is said that Life should be made up of experiences – and this was an awesome experience. There was literally something exciting around every 2nd corner.
  5. You will have the most amazing Chai (tea) in your life.
  6. You will have the most amazing curries in your life. And No, I didn’t get sick or get a dodgy tummy.
  7. Yes, you will get sore – from waving and saying ‘Hi’ every 200 metres.
  8. It was never a marathon, it was easy. Saying that, I lost weight, got much fitter and laughed and laughed and laughed … and learnt to dance on my bike while still cycling.
  9. I left my credit card in one of the stores and the shop owner went out of his way (and out of his store) to find me to get it back.
  10. Doing all this and truly helping some very needy kids who really need any help they can. Do you really need any more reason to go?

So, did I enjoy it?? I’m going back again this November – and my daughter is coming as well. Please come and join us. I promise I’ll teach you to dance on your bike while still cycling. WHOOO HOO!”

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Evanna“Today, if there is ever a moment in my day where I need a moment to escape… I close my eyes and open my heart to the memories of the 2015 Cycle for Brighter Futures tour! The following was my experiences last year and this is why I can’t wait to do it again this year:

The week of the cycle tour was simply magical. I went in with very few expectations and left with more than I had ever before even considered a possibility! I cannot recommend this opportunity highly enough to others interested and wanting to make difference for those in need whilst enriching their own lives!

Cycling allowed us to escape the tourist routes and see the real India up close and personal as our amazing team leader Matt Brice led the way thought this beautiful region of the country he loves. The tour was a week jam packed full of: cycling, dirt roads, highways, ferries, houseboats, tuk-tuks, chafing, sore butts, sunburn, sunshine, rain, countless smiles & hello’s along the way. We experienced funeral processions, an ashram stay, political celebrations, ceremonies & endless incredible food.

At points I was challenged as I was pushed physically and psychologically past my limits in the hot, seemingly endless days of cycling… But as the cycling continued, the beauty of Kerala’s coastline and the beautiful people of both India’s south as well as the cycle tour picked everyone up and helped us along the way making for an unforgettable week. One that everyone should experience at least once in this life. And if you can’t just yet, you can still support this year’s tour and make a big difference – a world of difference!

You can make brighter futures possible for the youth of tomorrow by supporting me this year with your donations and support!”

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Greg Biggs onyabike pic“After a short 3 day visit to New Delhi last November meeting Diptesh and witnessing the remarkable work Project Helps does I knew I had to return in the near future and what better way to experience more of India and supporting the Project then joining the #onyabike tour.  Look forward to meeting everyone in a few months.”

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If you are keen to visit India, get #onyabike  and cycle God’s Own Country, picturesque Kerala, please register your interest below.

Cycle Team 2015 Cycle for Brighter Futures houseboat

Whether you are an avid rider, fancy a lazy pedal or have been branded a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) this friendly group cycle through picturesque Kerala is perfect for you!

We asked Trip Leader Matt Brice a few questions…

What are you most looking forward to leading the group cycle? 

I am most looking forward to meeting like-minded people with a passion for travel that want to make a change in the world. I am also looking forward getting back on my bike with a bit of company this time, having the opportunity to share some of the amazing experiences which I was so lucky to have on my last journey.

What do you love about Kerala?

It is difficult to decide on one thing… Firstly it would have to be the people. Keralites are just so friendly. I didn’t realise just how friendly they were until I revisited Kerala in June with Diptesh. It’s hardly surprising they are so friendly considering that they live in paradise. Second thing would be the ocean and the backwaters. As an Australian and a Piscean who grew up near the beach, water is very important to me and always has been. Travelling through Kerala it is possible to be almost surrounded by water at times, with the backwaters on one side of the road and the ocean on the other. This is an amazing experience that I will always treasure.

What fitness level is required?

The roads are fairly flat in Kerala so the cycling is not particularly difficult, it can however be a challenge to continue peddling for a number of hours. You should expect to be on the saddle for around 5-6 hours with a few breaks and opportunities to take some pics. There will be a supporting van which can carry you and your cycle if you are unable to continue or need a break.

How can people prepare?

You should attempt some longer distance bicycle rides in your local area, slowly increasing the distances each week up to around 60km. If you are not able to do such cycles you should visit a gym or jog to help improve your stamina.

What should people pack?

Sunglasses, a hat, iPod & headphones, sunscreen, water bottles – camelbak (water backpack), camera, suitable shoes, helmet, suitable swimming clothes (women should not wear a swimsuit or bikini – rather bring loose fitting pants and a top), light weight beach towel, sarong, mosquito & insect repellent, power plug adaptor, cycle computer if you are interested in recording their own distance etc.

If you are keen to get #onyabike for a cause, Forget Me Not has a most worthy cause for you to consider… All funds raised by our pedal-powered philanthropists will assist our exceptional team in Delhi to create life-changing opportunities for families living in Kalyanpuri Slum to raise their children to be vibrant, thriving and connected to family, community and opportunity. The goal is for every child to attend school, be in good health and have safe and secure housing. You can help make this happen.

Dates: 29 October-7 November 2017

Cost: $1600 (covers 8 nights accommodation, all meals, support vehicle, 2 massages / Ayurvedic treatments, bicycle hire, airport transfers, any entrance fees to sights on the route, **does not cover alcoholic drinks)

Fundraising goal: $1000 – every cent fundraised by you goes directly to the cause


Get some mates to join you!

Get #onyabike

YES!! I am interested in joining next year’s Cycle for Brighter Futures through picturesque Kerala in Southern India. I am happy to fundraise for projectHELP and the Brighter Futures Study Centre. Here are my details. Please let me know more information when the itinerary for November 2017 is finalised.

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