I have always been compassionate and empathetic. I am passionate about education and believe that it is the key to ending poverty. I am the Project Manager for the Forget Me Not Nanna Project. I have recently completed my Bachelor of Primary Education with the hope to teach in vulnerable communities in the future.

When I first went to Uganda I was shocked to see how many young children were orphaned and living with their grandparents.  I was saddened to learn that these kids would never get an education because school fees and requirements were out of reach for their elderly carers. I knew that these children would continue in a cycle of poverty. I was full of fear for what would become of them when their grandparents become too old to care for them or pass away. The grandmothers that are the carers and lovers showed me that all was not lost for these children. I sponsored three orphaned children who lived with their grandmother.

The Nanna Project continued to grow and support the education of more children.  In 2012 the Project was auspiced with Forget Me Not Inc. I continue to run the project with the support of FMN and the assurance of the sustainability of the project and its support of the children. I’m extremely proud to be a part of the amazing FMN team. I visit Uganda every year and know all of the sponsored children and their families personally. I am committed to providing continued support for these beautiful children and their grandmothers with the hope to see the children complete their studies to a tertiary or vocational level and become self reliant adults.