Home for Life (Donation)


Collecting $25 from friends and family to build a Home for Life for a child-headed household in Uganda.

Personalised Gift Certificates are available! 

Please provide your email address and details for your personalised Gift Certificate to print at home or email yourself. Alternatively we can email the recipient directly if you provide their email address. Be sure to give clear instructions at Checkout in the Additional Information Order Notes section.



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Product Description

Your $25 gift will contribute to ensuring one child-headed family can stay together within the safety of a home held in trust for the benefit of the children. This means the focus of that family can then be solely on raising those children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity secure in the knowledge that they have a home for life. Your funds will enable local Ugandans to build a home for a family in need, giving locals with building experience and local knowledge paid employment. Keeping families together gives children their best chance for a brighter future. Thank You.

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