As teachers, we have the ability to rebuild the world for our students. By our sincere efforts we can make their world more rewarding, more gratifying and perhaps… even more significant. Robert John Meehan

Our remarkable qualified teaching staff team are currently volunteering up to 12 hours a day teaching junior and senior classes six days a week at the Brighter Futures Study Centre. Many rely on public transport and put their own safety on the line walking many kms through the inner-city riverside jungle teeming with snakes and wild foxes, often in the dark.

When you hear the voices of the children reading from books, dressed and hair brushed, pride pounds from your chest and you know the world is becoming a better place. Especially for these children and their families living on the outskirts of one of the poorest slum districts in New Delhi, India.

With your help we can pay our teaching team decent wages and make their journey to and from the Study Centre far less dangerous. Please make a tax deductible donation today so that our teachers continue to inspire in our children a genuine and life-long love of learning.

Yes! I want brighter futures by funding qualified teachers through FMNs Remarkable Teachers Fund.


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Special Note for Teachers: If you are a teacher and interested in joining FMNs unforgettable ‘field trip’ to India in 2018 please email

The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives. Robert John Meehan