Our next #TRAFFICKSTOPPERS event will be the Love & Partners 5km on Sunday 19 August 2018 as part of the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Running Festival. Want to join our team?



Rope some mates in & sign up today! It’s $35 if you’re over 18 and $25 if you’re under 18.
Help us put a stop to child trafficking into orphanages. Use this opportunity to spread awareness and be an agent for change!
YOU KNOW the number of orphanages across the developing world has grown dramatically in recent years. More than 80% of children in these orphanages are NOT orphans.
YOU KNOW millions of children have been taken from their families, trafficked into orphanages, used to generate funds, and that is a form of modern day slavery!
YOU KNOW it’s well-meaning people who unwittingly fuel the orphan trade by donating time and money to orphanages. The more donations of time and money that flood into orphanages, the more orphanages open and the more children are separated from their families to fill their beds.
YOU KNOW orphanages do not exist in developed countries because over 60 years of international research has proven that institutionalisation has a serious and lifelong impact on a child’s physical and psychological development.
See you there, if not before!

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