We pride ourselves on delivering your donated dollar to your intended recipient.

We do this by keeping our bank accounts separate. It’s really very simple.

We have a bank account for each country that we operate in.

So, when you donate to Nepal, India or Uganda, you will deposit the money directly into the relevant bank account. Similarly, if you sponsor a child in one of our projects, the sponsorship money goes straight into the relevant bank account. The only money that leaves these accounts is the money that is sent directly to our projects overseas.

We work out our sponsorship model by taking the total budget for the number of children in a project and dividing it into $60 increments. Most children in our projects have 2 or more sponsors. This money provides everything that a normal upbringing would entail – nutrition; housing; clothing; school fees; medical care; excursions; hobbies; as well as other costs essential for children who are living away from their families, like caregivers and guardians.

We also operate a general bank account. We use this money to pay our administration costs. Our administration costs run the organisation by paying wages, office costs, stationery and internet. We need to ensure that our projects overseas are managed in a tight and efficient manner. We can only do this by employing excellent people to manage this process in Australia.

Sometimes our fundraisers are targeted at specific projects, in which case the money raised goes directly to the relevant bank account. Other times, the money raised from fundraisers goes to our general bank account to help fund our Australian operations, and also pay project expenses where there might not be quite enough money in the relevant bank account.

Rest assured that your money, no matter how it is donated to Forget Me Not, will be used to serve the best interests of our children and projects.

We are audited annually in accordance with government requirements. Our Annual General Meeting is an open, public event where we welcome new and renewing members. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member. For notification regarding our AGM and other meetings, please sign up for Herd Matters below:

If you have any questions about where your money goes, or how we decide to spend the money that we raise, please contact us on enquiries@forgetmenot.org.au.